Plastic Squeeze Bottle with Flip Cap 8 Oz

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JND providing a good quality plastic squeeze bottle with a flip cap and pack of 2. Empty plastic squeeze bottles are ideal for storing shampoo, lotion, cleaning supplies, disinfecting solutions, craft solutions as well as other travel and business necessities. Bottles have an accessible and removable flip cap design that closes securely to prevent leaking. This bottle can be refilled as needed. The bottle has a dynamic plastic body intended to be used in a squeezing motion to release the product. Bottles are produced using high-grade PETE materials that are environmentally friendly and easily recyclable. Bottles are made of high-quality materials and PETE plastic. They are easily recyclable and reusable making them climate-friendly. The bottles are lightweight and space-saving. Ergonomic design ensures that bottles have are securely closed and prevents leaking. They contain an easily retractable flip cap allowing the bottle to be refilled numerous times.